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The Team

Paul Mattsson

Team lead

Entrepreneur and passionate sports and fitness enthusiast, Paul is one of the founders of the Padel Quebec. He focuses on building the association into a robust independent organization with a strong team and adequate resources which will effectively grow the sport by helping players and clubs alike.

Alexis Bellet


Like many other retired soccer player, Alexis got into Padel a few years ago in Europe. He is now helping out the Quebec Padel Association grow its presence on the web.

Samuel El Bouzaïdi Tiali


Project Manager by trade, Samuel is a racket sport lover since he was a kid. Starting with tennis, later switched to badminton and padel. Sam is responsible for developing the association's sponsorship partnerships.

Javier Aranda Ruiz


Javier, accountant by trade, developed a deep passion with Padel a few years ago. He dreams of seeing Padel grow in Canada as much as it has in his country of origin, Spain. That's why he's actively collaborating with the association, offering his expertise as an accountant and advisor to promote and strengthen this sport in the country.

Pedro Gouveia

Strategy, Tournaments & Competitions

Management consultant and entrepreneur by trade, Pedro played tennis for several years, eventually switching to padel, never to look back. With several years of padel experience in one of the leading European countries in padel, he has enter multiple tournaments.

He is a co-founder of the association and an instrumental part of the team in developing the strategic growth plan, as well as the competition regulation framework.

Yannick Belzung

Communication & Events

Yannick has 15 years of experience in sport and leisure. He discovered padel in 2014 in the South of France.


Tennis player and fan of racket sports, he has worked at all levels to develop the practice of the game. First as a sales representative in the North East of France and then as Director of a padel center for 5 years.

A regular player of a good level, he joined our team as head of communications and events.

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